This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Access Statement for The Coach House


The Coach House is located in the rural Shropshire village of Norbury and offers six guest rooms.  There are three rooms in the main house, one double room with en-suite, one double room with a private bathroom and one twin room with en-suite (which can be configured as a super king double room if necessary).  In the adjoining annexe there are three further rooms, two double bedrooms with en-suite, and one ground floor twin bedroom with en-suite (which again can be configured as a super king double).

Parts of the house date from the 18th Century and have recently been refurbished.  Whilst we aim to meet the needs of all our guests there are some period features of the house which might make access difficult for people with limited mobility.   The house is opposite the All Saints Church, and has a relatively flat approach.

We are located four miles from Bishops Castle (a ten minute drive) in the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Stiperstones and the Long Mynd are both within easy reach.  Craven Arms is ten miles away, while Ludlow and Shrewsbury are both within a thirty five minute drive.

We look forward to welcoming you.  If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01588 650846 or email  There is also an enquiry form on our website –



We are located within the village of Norbury.  For full details and maps of how to reach us please see the Location section of our website.  Alternatively you can plan your journey by car or public transport using  Simply enter your postcode and ours, which is SY9 5DX to get directions.

The nearest shop is Wentnor Stores, located two miles away.  A wider range of shops can be found in Bishops Castle, four miles away.

Craven Arms railway station is ten miles away, connecting with Manchester Piccadily and Cardiff Central railway stations.

The nearest bus stop is in Bishops Castle (four miles away).  This bus service connects with Minsterley and Shrewsbury.  Please note there is no service on Sundays.  

There is a taxi service in both Bishops Castle and Craven Arms, we can book one for you in advance if required.

Birmingham Airport is approximately ninety minutes away by car.

We welcome assistance dogs.

The roads surrounding the property are very rural, but have a tarmac surface and are generally level.


Car Parking and Arrival

There is plenty of level gravel parking on site, approximately twenty metres from the door.  The car park is lit at night.

From the gravel car park there is a short flagged patio to the door.

There is an entry step of 900mm (7.5 inches) at the entrance door which is 940mm (37 inches) wide.  This gives access to the vestibule area where there is a further step of 200mm (8 inches), leading through the 690mm (27 inches) vestibule door into the reception area.

A ramp is available if required.

Assistance can be given with luggage.


Welcome Area

Guests are welcomed in the hallway, which has one step of 90mm (3.5 inches) and is 1860mm (73 inches) wide to the bar where they are asked to register.

Seating is available with 1 comfy armchair and a number of smaller upright chairs, and a small table.

The area is well lit with overhead lighting, and several wall lights.

The flooring is a combination of carpet and tiles.

Assistance can be given with luggage, and guests can be shown around the property if required.


Bedrooms and bathrooms

All our beds are normally made up with duvets but sheets and blankets can be provided if preferred.  Our standard pillows are feather and down, however alternatives are also available.  Please specify before your arrival if required.

Each bedroom has seating, bedside tables, bedside lamps, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers.  Mirrors are provided in each room.  It may be possible to move or remove furniture, please let us know prior to arrival.

Flat screen Freeview digital TV with subtitles is available in each room.

Bedrooms are marked by raised numbers on the door. Doorways are colour contrasted with walls.

All bedrooms have carpeted floors. 

Annexe bedrooms

The annexe bedrooms have a separate entrance to the main house.

Room 1: ground floor room with entrance door 790mm (31ins) wide.  There are 2 steps up, 150mm (6ins) and 130mm (5ins) high respectively.  There are two single beds (which can be made up into a super king), 720mm (28ins) high.  One single bed has access from one side only.  There is an en-suite bathroom through a folding doorway 630mm (25ins) wide.  The toilet is 430mm (17ins) high and the basin 790mm (31ins) high.  There is a shower cubicle with a removable shower head, which is accessed through a 530mm (21ins) door and a 280mm (11ins) step.

Rooms 2 and 3 are accessed by means of an external staircase with 8 metal steps 220mm (9ins) high and 1020mm (40ins) wide.  There is a handrail on one side.  There is a further inner staircase with 8 carpeted steps 180mm (7ins) high and 610mm (24ins) wide. 

Room 2: has one king size bed, 560mm (22ins) high, with access from both sides.  The door opening is 630mm (25ins) wide.  There is an en-suite bathroom though a folding door 610mm (24ins) wide.  The toilet is 410mm (16ins) high and the basin is 800mm (31.5ins) high.  The shower cubicle is accessed through a door 560mm (22ins) wide and a 280mm (11ins) step.  The shower head is removable.

Room 3: has one double bed, 560mm (22ins) high, with access from both sides.  The door opening is 630mm (25ins) wide.  There is an en-suite bathroom through a folding door 610mm (24ins) wide.  The toilet is 410mm (16ins) high and the basin is 800 mm (31.5ins) high.  The shower cubicle is accessed through a door 460mm (18ins) wide and a 280mm (11ins) step.  The shower head is removable.

Main house bedrooms:

The main house bedrooms are accessed through our guest lounge and by means of stairs with fourteen 200mm (8 ins) steps.  There is a hand rail on one side.

Room 4: has one king size bed, 560mm (22ins) high, with access from both sides.  The door opening is 760mm (30ins).  There is an en-suite bathroom through a doorway 650mm (25.5ins) wide.  The toilet is 430mm (17ins) high.  There is a removable shower head over a small half bath.  The bath height is 590mm (23ins) with a 610mm (24ins) entry.

Rooms 5 and 6 are accessed through a doorway 740mm (29ins) wide, with a step of 150mm (6ins).

Room 5: has a double bed, 640mm (25ins) high, with access from both sides.  The door opening is 790mm (31ins).  There is a private bathroom across the corridor, with a door width of 760mm (30ins).  The toilet is 410mm (16ins) high.  There is a roll top bath which is 640mm (25ins) high, and the basin is 840mm (33ins) high.

Room 6: has 2 single beds (which can be made up into a super king), 720mm (28ins) high, with good access from both sides.  The door opening is 760mm (30ins).  There is an en-suite bathroom though a doorway 710mm (28ins) wide.  The toilet is 410mm (16 ins) high, and the basin is 840mm (33ins) high.  The shower cubicle is accessed via a 560mm (22ins) wide door, and a 136mm (12.5ins) step.


Public Areas – Halls, Stair, Landings and Corridors

All public areas, halls, stairs and landings are well lit using a combination of ceiling and wall lights.

The entrance area and dining room have tiled flooring, the guest lounge and bar is carpeted throughout.

There is a continuing flight of fourteen 200mm (8ins) stepped stairs with a hand rail to the guest bedrooms in the main house, the stairs are carpeted.  The landing and upstairs corridors are carpeted throughout.

The upper floor in the annexe is reached via a metal staircase.  The inner stairs and landing is carpeted.

The house is heated by a combination of central heating and night storage heaters but temperatures can be adjusted in each room to suit individual requirements.

There are automatic audible smoke alarms throughout the building and in the annexe.


Lounge and Bar

The lounge is located through the entrance hall, and has a level entry.  The arch into the lounge is 940mm (37ins) wide. 

The furniture consists of two sofas, and a number of armchairs and hard backed chairs.  There are also several small tables.

The lounge is well lit with a number of wall lights.  There is also a wood burning stove.  The floor surface is carpet.

The guest bar is to one end, and is 1010mm (40ins) high.


Dining Room

The dining room is situated through the guest lounge on the ground floor, with a 690mm (27ins) doorway and a 80mm (3ins) step.  

There is a tiled floor.

The room is well lit with a number of wall lights.

There are a number of tables and plenty of hard backed upright chairs.

There is a buffet table where guests can help themselves to cereal, fruit, yoghurts and juices.  Assistance can be provided on request.  A cooked breakfast will be brought to the table.

We are happy to cater for special diets or particular likes or dislikes.  Please advise us before your arrival.  


Public Toilets

There are 2 unisex downstairs toilets, which is available to guests.

The toilet is located by going through a doorway 710mm (28ins) wide from the lounge/bar into a corridor 1040mm (41ins) wide, and through 2 further doors 700 (27.5ins) wide.  

The toilet is 410mm (16ins) high.



Guests may enjoy the garden, which has 2 garden tables and a number of garden chairs.  The garden may be used as a designated smoking area, as smoking is not permitted in the property.  An ash tray can be provided on request.

The garden is relatively flat, although some of the garden slabs and gravel may be uneven underfoot.


Additional Information

There is an information folder for each of the bedrooms with information of NHS facilities, local amenities and restaurants etc. 

There are ‘In Case of Fire’ instructions provided in the guest folders in each of the bedrooms.

Assistance dogs are welcome.  Please pick up after your dog.

A battery charging facility is also available for a motorised scooter.

Free wifi facilities are available on request.

We can refrigerate prescription medicine and additionally store any perishable food in our fridge for a limited period.

Mobile phone reception is very patchy, there is a public telephone approximately 50 metres down the road.


Contact Information

Address: The Coach House, Norbury, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5 DX

Telephone: 01588 650846



Grid reference: Latitude 52 31 47 Longitude -2 56 18

Hours of Operation: Flexible within reason

Local Accessible Taxi: Rus Gromov 07551 825931