Our Team

They say any company is only as good as its people. Lucky for us we’ve come across some exceptional people on this journey.

Lexi greenhouse dogs.jpg

Lexi  Morris

Executive flower grower & arranger, accountant, interior designer, chief preserver & cake baker extraordinaire, qualified wine maker, Mum, team dog walker, chicken rearer, head of gardening.

Sean Beanie Van.jpg

SEan Morris

Snowboarder, enthusiastic eater, itinerant photographer, cook, bread baker, rider of bikes, Dad & reluctant marketer.

Harry Bullock.png

Harry Bullock

Head chef, photographer, chief whistling officer, graphic designer, creative tour de force

Ben Wiseman restaurant manager.jpg

Ben Wiseman

Restaurant manager, wine, spirits & ale buff, foodie, cultural attache, badminton fiend

Mike Bin.jpg

Emily, Rasi, Mike, Richard

Cleaning team & kitchen porters. The people who do the real work always with a smile on their faces.